Kwon Ji Yong – G Dragon

”]The leader of Big Bang, Kwon Ji Yong aka G Dragon


Real name: Kwon Jiyong 권지용
Stage name: G-Dragon / GD
Birthday: August 18, 1988
Horoscope: Leo & Dragon (Ironically)
Height: 177 cm / 5’8”
Weight: 58 kg / 128 lb
Blood type: A
Family: Parents & older sister
Education: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School
Skills: Rapping, singing, composing, dancing, modelling, beatboxing & languages (Korean & English)
Hobbies: Drawing, composing, listening to music, singing/rapping, & making funny expressions.
Likes: Fashion, crispy donuts, dogs, books (Poems, mangas, & magazines), watching cartoon, & himself.
Pendent: Jiyong’s favorite type of cap on a star meaning: “To become a big star in the music industry.”

Personality: He can be as loud as he wants & as quiet as he desires, depending on his mood, of course. He is extraordinarily bright & can easily lighten the mood. He has high self-esteem, an outgoing personality, & strong leadership skills. A dependable & lovable person.

Jiyong is the leader of Big Bang & vocalist/rapper of the group, alongside TOP. He is a widely-accepted & talented songwriter, having won the ‘Songwriter Award’ in 2007 from MKMF, Jiyong has taken on an active role of composing songs for Big Bang, such as their hit song ‘This Love.’
He was originally suppose to debut as a child hip-hop artist in hope of gaining fame, popularity, & success like Lil Bow Wow & Lil Romeo did in the states. However he was unable to release an album & was limited to only appearing in YG artists’ albums. On January 2001, Jiyong debuted on the album, “Daehanmingook Hip-Hop Flex” as a rapper. He was later recruited with Taeyang to act in JinuSean’s MV as their minis, which happened on February of the same year.

Afterward he began to train for his planned debut as the hip-hop group, GDYB, with Taeyang. During his training, he was already featured on songs & appearing in MVs by Perry, Se7en, JinuSean, Masta Wu, Wheesung, YG Family, Gummy, Swi. T, & Lexy. GDYB was allowed to release 2 songs for YG Family’s second album & appear alongside Se7en for the World Cup, but they, unfortunately, was never able to release an album nor debut. In 2004, both Taeyang & Jiyong was listed as YG’s fresh, new faces & was scheduled that year. However, those plans were quickly cancelled by Hyun Suk, who had planned on forming a 4-6 member group. It was until 2 years later, in 2006, that Big Bang was finally able to announce their official debut.

*He & Taeyang are really close & affectionate friends, because they both entered YG at the mere age of 12, & has constantly been paired together, not to mention their (Almost) debut as a duo.
* Has 3 tattoos, one on his back, which says: “Too fast to live, too young to die.” 2 on his inner arms, which say (Right): “Vita Dolce,” which means ‘good life’ & (Left): “Moderato,” which means ‘moderate,’ a musical term. His ‘arm’ tattoos were done by Carey Heart (Pink’s ex-husband) at the famous tattoo parlor, Hart & Hurington Tattoo Parlor, at Palms Casino in Las Vegas.
* His stage name was taken from his real name, Jiyong. ‘Yong’ literally translates to ‘Dragon’ & ‘Ji’ sounds like ‘G,’ hence the name G-Dragon.
* He absolutely loves it when people refers to him as “Kwon Leader.”
* ‘Lie’ was supposed to be his solo song, but it was later changed so that the entire group could perform as one.
* His older sister owns an online clothing store called “Style Love”/”Style Luv.” Jiyong can often be seen advertising for his sister, either by wearing the clothing & having his picture taken for her website, wearing it casual, or wearing it to performances (Or in some cases, events).
* Jiyong’s childhood friend was, supposedly, Kangin from Super Junior.
* His habits are biting his nails & wearing sunglasses indoors.
* Jiyong’s most prized possessions are his shoes, clothes, hats, & accessories. He enjoys organizing them & insists that, “if you lose them, it’s hard to buy them back!”
* His number 1 speed dial on his phone is his father.
* He hates to read/hear people compliment on just his looks, he was to be recognized for his music rather than his appearance.
* Has a song named after himself in one of Perry’s albums.
* His favoritest body part is his collarbone.
* Jiyong’s most famous couplings are with Seungri & Taeyang. Taeyang, because of their longlastng friendship, & Seungri because of Jiyong’s playfully aggressive behavior around him.
* In the song This Love, he screams “J” a reference to his Ex who was an aspiring model.
* Created a group called Nuthang (pronounced New thing) out of his group of friends. [Nuthang’s soompi thread]
* He sleeps diagonally.
* His front tooth is chipped.


  • [2001.09.04] Perry – 1st Album [Perry By Storm] (Track 01. Storm (with Jinusean, Masta Wu); Track 08. G-Dragon)
  • [2002.04.03] Wheesung – 1st Album [Like A Movie] (Track 7. Magic Eye)
  • [2003.03.08] Se7en – 1st Album [Just Listen] (Track 01. Intro (with Perry))
  • [2003.06] Masta Wu – 1st Album [Masta Peace] (Track 02. 허수아비 (Scarecrow))
  • [2006.03.07] Se7en – 3rd Album [24/7] (Track 14. Run (With Taeyang))
  • [2006.11] Se7en – 4th Album [Se7olution] (Track 07. Can You Feel Me)
  • [2006.12.26] 박봄 (Park Bom) – Anystar Park Bom Ver.
  • [2007.04] Lexy – 3rd Album [Rush] (Track 07. Super Fly (with T.O.P, Taeyang))
  • [2007.07.19] 무가당(Moo Gadang) – Digital Single Album (Track 01. 오에오 (Oh, Ah, Oh))
  • [2007.10] 김조한(Kim Johan) – 5th Album [Soul Family With Johan] (Track 04. So In Love Part 2)
  • [2008.03.12] 거미(Gummy) – 4th Album [Comport] (Track 01. Work It Now (Intro))
  • [2008.05.22] 태양(Taeyang) – 1st Mini Album [HOT] (Track 05. Baby I’m So Sorry)
  • [2008.06.16] 대성(Daesung) – Digital Single [날 봐, 귀순] (Track 01. 날 봐, 귀순 (Look at me, Gwisun))
  • [2008.07.01] 엄정화(Uhm Junghwa) – 1st Mini Album [D.I.S.C.O] (Track 04. Party)
  • [2008.09.01] 엄정화(Uhm Junghwa) – Digital Single [D.I.S.C.O Part2] (Track 01. D.I.S.C.O Part 2)
  • [2008.10.10] YMGA – 1st Mini Album [Made In R.O.K] (Track 04. What (with YG Family, DJ Wreckx))
  • [2008.12.30] FILA Limited Edition With Big Bang – Digital Single (Stylish)
  • [2009.01.29] 대성(Daesung) – Digital Single [대박이야] (Track 01. 대박이야 (Big Hit!))
  • [2009.03.18] HITE Digital Single (So Fresh So Cool)
  • [2009.03.27] Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop Digital Single (Track 01. Lollipop)
  • [2009.05.13] W-inds. – Single Album [Rain Is Fallin’/Hybrid Dream] (Track 01. Rain Is Fallin’)
  • [2009.08.18] Jin Jung – GD’s album [Heartbreaker] (Track 04. Butterfly)
  • [2009.08.18] Dara – GD’s album [Heartbreaker] (Track 05. Hello)
  • [2009.08.18] Kim Gun Mo – GD’s album [Heartbreaker] (Track 06. Gossip Man)
  • [2009.08.18] Taeyang – GD’s album [Heartbreaker] (Track 07. Korean Dream)
  • [2009.08.18] Teddy & CL – GD’s album [Heartbreaker] (Track 08. The Leaders)
  • [2009.08.18] Kush – GD’s album [Heartbreaker] (Track 09. She’s Gone)

Perry’s “Get Ready” MV feat. G-Dragon
Perry’s “Storm” MV feat. G-Dragon
Se7en’s “Passion” feat. G-Dragon & Taekwon
Se7en’s “Run” feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang at the World Cup
1TYM’s “Hot” MV feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang
JinuSeans’s “Ayo” MV feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang
YG Family’s “FLY Gentlemen” MV feat. G-Dragon

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G-Dragon’s childhood MV
G-Dragon dancing
A must watch for GD fans!



  • [2008.06.03] 1st Digital Single [나만 바라 봐(Look Only At Me) Part2 : G-Dragon]
  • [2009.08.18] 1st Solo Album [Heartbreaker]
    • 01. 소년이여 (A Boy)
    • 02. Heartbreaker
    • 03. Breathe
    • 04. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
    • 05. Hello (feat. Sandara Park from 2NE1)
    • 06. Gossip Man (feat. Kim Gun-Mo)
    • 07. Korean Dream (feat. Tae-Yang)
    • 08. The Leaders(feat. Teddy, CL)
    • 09. She’s gone (feat. kush)
    • 10. 1년 정거장 (1 year station)

Music Style

G-Dragon’s music bases on Hip Hop. He listened to the music of The Wu-Tang Clan when he was 10 years old, and participated in Hip Hop Flex album in 2001. He continued practicing Hip Hop music while being a trainee at YG Entertainment. However, his music after the debut not only limits itself in Hip Hop, but also in fusion genres; in “Lies”, he combined house and Hip Hop; in his solo piece “But I Love U”, he sampled Redd Holt Unlimited’s Rhu in jazz in Hip Hop. In “Oh My Friend”, he fused rock and rap, collaborating with No Brain, and in “Strong Baby”, which he composed with Bae Jin Ryul, is a pop-dance music. G-Dragon expands his music career to not only in hiphop, but to a broad spectrum of genres. However, like he said in YG Bounce interview, he “does not want to be limited to merely rapping, and is open-minded to all possibilities. But his identity can be defined as a rapper, if in need of a definition.”

Fashion Style

From his debut, G-Dragon has drawn attention from many through his sense of fashion. He usually wears London street fashion, and likes to have unique accessories to accompany his style. In his recent interview with YG Bounce, he said, “by the time others imitate my style, I would be in a different appearance. it is not fun to look the same like others. because I don’t want to be the same, I think over and over to look unique”. G-Dragon is not just interested in fashion, but he is passionate in collecting information over the internet and thinking over it. In Big Bang’s autobiography, he wrote, “for me, my fashion is not merely of clothes nor brands, but are wings to describe my identity. If music is the energy to drive myself, clothes are the sources which I can expand myself upon. if time permits, I want to work in the fashion industry one day while I write my songs, from time to time I design my own clothes.”


Despite his success, G-Dragon has not been free of any controversies. G-Dragon has been subjected to allegations of plagiarism. The first hit by Big Bang, “Lies” was composed by G-Dragon. The first few seconds of the song “Lies” have been the accused of plagiarizing FreeTEMPO’s “Sky High.” Legal action was never taken, as the composer of “Sky High” said, “Even though it sounds very similar, it has a completely different feelig.” Most lately, G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” has been accused of Plagiarising Flo-Rida’s “Right Round” and another song of plagiarising Oaisis’s “Butterfly.” Legal action has not yet been taken.

G-Dragon’s choice of clothing in the last episode of Big Bang’s documentary. In this episode, G-Dragon can be seen wearing a T-Shirt with a picture of a nude woman on it. It has been censored, but not enough to be not recognized. Also, G-Dragon also performed in a concert wearing a T-Shirt with stickers on it that said “I love sex, “69,” and “F*** U Too.” G-Dragon has apologized for such actions.

As a fan, I think he’s my favorite. :3 boo to the controversies!!


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